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Get a Spectacular Look with a Patchy Beard

Apart from being trendy and stylish in what they wear, many men also like to be known for their unique and featured beard and hair styles. For such men who would like to have a featured look by altering and modernizing their beard styles here we are listing down few of many patchy beard styles which completely make over your look. These beard styles are for men who barely grow hair for beard or do not like to have hair on their cheeks. These styles would solve your problem of over or uneven growth of hair on your cheeks and would restore your gentlemen looks.

The thin strap is the style through which you can get rid of uneven hair growth on cheeks. You just got to trim your beard in such a way that a strip of beard grows along your jaw line and clean shave the rest of the hair on your cheeks. This style suits to those who have either an uneven growth or less growth than normal. Chin strap to goatee is another style along the jaw line and straightening of beard results in a goatee. This would suit men who doesn’t like to leave a beard face and has had enough growth of hair on cheeks. For those who had extreme patchy growth; going for a chin beard is pitch perfect as this would give a great look with hair on chin and beneath the lip.


A man who wishes to have this style must clean shave their face, neck and must leave hair on chin and little on mustache. Faded chin strap is for men who are ready to show off their patchy beard. You just have to maintain your goatee along with thick mustache to adopt this style. Chestnut beard with pencil mustache is the style that gives you a boyish and youthful look and best fits for those who have very thin hair growth on cheeks. Choosing and growing a patchy beard is the dream of many men; yet only few are able to do it because of its maintenance issues.

Yes, you read it right. Maintaining a patchy beard once you got your style is also a tough task which needs little attention and some time, daily. To maintain a patchy beard it is always necessary to keep it short for which you need to trim daily or once in a while as and when you feel it’s growing out of shape. While trimming it, make sure you trim it the right way and in right size and shape. Brush it daily like your hair. While brushing, make sure you brush it evenly and finally put up all the hair on side burns and necklines.

Bearded Men Have Poop on Their Face

Consider jeans with holes in the knees and elsewhere — they are definitely “in”. I’d be too embarrassed to wear them but fashion forward females pay big bucks for them. In the doctor’s office, a rather rotund older woman waiting to be seen was wearing her “holy” jeans and what the holy-ness revealed was not a pretty sight. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is wearing “what’s in” and playing “follow the leader”But what do I know. I iron my jeans. In the checkout line at Costco, a woman in back of me noticed three cans of spray starch in my cart and she shrieked, “OMG, you still iron?” I looked down my nose at her rumpled, crumpled “what’s in,” outfit and replied, my voice dripping with syrupy sweetness, “Yes, I do iron. I even iron my socks.” (No, I don’t iron my socks. But that nosey woman didn’t need to know it.)

When it comes to following fashion and fads, men are probably more inclined than women to play “follow the leader”. For example, consider the current “just rolled out of bed” look for business attire that includes a wrinkled shirt (no tie, of course) and a scruffy beard. If I were a business man I’d be embarrassed to look like that in public, especially on TV. Because we have been conditioned to be non-judgmental about everything, nobody tells the clueless guys, looking like something the cat dragged in, to go home and get cleaned up. Because we don’t want to call a mess a mess if it’s “what’s in”, dress standards decline just a little bit more — a reflection of the overall condition of the culture. As in the fable about the emperor who wore no clothes, we are at a point that if our fearless leader appeared naked on the White House lawn, his supporters would applaud and tell him how splendid he looks, especially if he had a beard.

Ya know, I don’t care about what’s in or what’s out. I am judgmental about beards…

As most women know (or should know), men are barbarians (yes, they really are) and not the cleanest of God’s creatures. Women, who are God’s favored persons, (guys, please don’t argue — you are outnumbered) were created to civilize the barbarians but unfortunately, too many of us chosen charmers are not doing a very good job. Divine divas that we are, we have traumatized males to the point that many men don’t know how to be men, or are afraid to be men. In a lame attempt to display what men perceive as a manifestation of manliness that women can’t emasculate or emulate, they grow a beard. (I could be wrong about that, but probably not since I am rarely wrong about anything.)

My biggest beef with beards is that they are depots for disease. When you see a guy with facial shrubbery you have to wonder how much decayed leftovers from last Thanksgiving’s turkey dinner (or whatever else) remains fossilized deep in the nooks and crannies.

Because I am a Chosen One and thus, always right, I must point out just how right I am. It has been determined (scientifically, of course) that bearded men have poop on their face. Watch this video.

It would probably help if men thought to wash their hands after using the restroom, but barbarians that they are, they don’t think. Oh, I know beard sympathizers will say “You can have fecal germs any place on your body so chill out.” To that I say, why make it easier than it already is to spread e-coli and other dangerous pathogens?According to a group of microbiologists in New Mexico, the rancid bacteria that beards collect could be putting owners’ health at risk.

Laser Facial Hair Removal

There is a lot of focus and attention these days when it comes to glamour and beauty. Because of this, many women are simply embarrassed about having facial hair. They endure a daily or weekly ritual of removing their unwanted facial hair by using one the options available that are considered to be non-permanent. This includes shaving, plucking, sugaring, and waxing. Unfortunately, except for shaving, most of these options can be quite painful and unpleasant since they involve ripping the hair out by the roots. And since these are all non-permanent methods, they must be repeated on a regular basis.

At the same time, there are many reasons a man might also want to seek out a permanent method to get rid of their facial hairs too. Maybe they find shaving everyday to be uncomfortable; tired of getting regular nicks and cuts to their face, and the painful ingrown hairs that come along with it. Or, they simply don’t have the time to mess with this process every day, but don’t want to live with a beard either. In any case, they too want to know about the options available for eliminating the need to shave on a daily basis.

This is where the process of laser facial hair removal can really help. Laser hair removal is a semi-permanent to permanent way to get rid of all of your unwanted hair once and for all. Furthermore, this process is not just for women. It can actually work for men’s facial hair too. As a matter-of-fact, it can be used to rid yourself of unwanted hair on just about any part of your entire body.

For anyone thinking about having a laser facial hair removal, procedure performed, there are a few things that should be considered well in advance. The laser hair removal process works by burning the roots of your hair with a very powerful laser light. With that said, you should also be aware that this same laser light can also burn your skin. Because of this, it is extremely important that this procedure only be performed by a skilled doctor or technician. Peeling and a burning sensation to the treated area are some side effects that you might experience after such a treatment. Another risk you should be aware of is possible damage to your eyes. Whenever you undergo a treatment such as this, there are special goggles that should be worn at all times to minimize this risk.